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Indoor, Outdoor and Marquee Parties

All types of parties can be set in different ways, as it is the first steps to planning your dream event. You need to make sure you have your party in the right setting for you and your guests. It is mainly down to budget, personal choice and time of year.

Marquee parties are usually held in the summer time due to weather, but can be any time of year if you can fit heaters into your budget. Everything that can be done indoors can be done in a marquee but can be a lot more expensive. A marquee is a way of having a unique venue and tailor making it to fit your wishes for your specific event. Indoor parties are where most of these events are set, they can range from a local community centre to an elegant hall. Outdoor events are again usually in the summer because of weather, but can be a lot cheaper without the outlay of a venue. They could be an event such as a garden party or fair.

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